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This server is suspended. If you are the server owner, please fix the issues as described in the mail.
sb.blushell.netadded 15 months ago
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Blushell Starbound

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Welcome to BluShell Gaming, a network formed out of the once-great communities such as Bolt Action Walrus, Darkland, and Sogotopia.
Since August of 2012 the BluShell community has thrived in providing entertainment and comradery through game and voice servers, which are open to all respectful players.

We are offering a Beta Starbound server !

(Player list also available there)

We have a teamspeak:

This server is on a dedicated machine with 36gb of memory, there will be zero slowdowns.

Connect with !

Team up & take over the universe !
Blushell StarboundBlushell Starbound
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-15 February 9:53AM
Is max players seriously 8?
-18 December 10:12AM
Please note that the below user, prettyhonest, has been pasting that comment over all of the top servers. Please disregard, join, and have fun!
-18 December 7:33AM
full of faggots
-14 December 8:37AM
IP wont work.... help me.....
-7 December 11:41PM
I really enjoy this server! It has no lag, and when I logged in I talked alot with the owner of the server. After a while a few players joined the game and we made a party and started raiding lower-leveled planets, where the owner snapped a quick screenie, (The one with the bone graves) and I was happy to be in it! Im the one with the red and black mask on. I highly recomend this server!
-7 December 11:00PM
Thanks for playing on Blushell Starbound ! Please sign up on our forums for help !